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• 1/28/2016

The Wiki Will Reopen Soon

It is time.
A time for the fallen to arise again.
Ever since the admins of the LNMNK wiki left and moved on to other wikis, I, Jennifer Alice Williams, also known as JessicaFin23, decided that the wiki needed improvision. I started working on pages right away. I added new images and improved the pages. With the help of my best friend and trusty sidekick, Rachel Alexandra Lambton, also known as HardWorkingGirlonTheGo, I have been improving this wiki. We shall reopen this wiki for everyone to see our hard work. 
There are a few bumps on the road, but we can do it. We will reopen this wiki and allow others to help.
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• 1/25/2015

My creepypasta!!

Kids Club
When I was 6 I went to a cruise with my whole family. I had I blast there even though I don't remember most of it. All I can remember is...having lobster,going in the dragons place that had a huge arcade. Rock climbing, dance party's, eating Froyo. But there's a certain thing which which I really want to forget. It's called kids club. A club when you have to drop your kids doing so and so. It all started with me looking at the menu cuz I was bored! My mom told me that she'll take me and my cousin to a kids club? By the time we were there the door was all decorated with you know kids Art work and ect. As I waved goodbye to my mom with my care bear in my other hand the door open. My cousin was being pushy because she was bossy at the time.when the opened a man dressed as I pirate greeted us. He told us that we can get our face painted but I refuse cuz I don't like getting anything makeup or paint related on my face. As soon as he was done talking my cousin rushed to get her face painted. I just walked in ther slowly. The man in the pirate costume smiled at me in a creepy way. All a could give him back was a glare. My cousin already came to me with her face painted. I was disgust by it because it looked weird like she was a drunken pirate. I wanted to play with her but after I have a glare at her she just walked away. I shook it off as I sat in one of the tables. The door then opened and it appears to be a boy about my age with his big sister. As I was watching him he also refuse to get his face painted as well. I smiled a bit of the sight of him because him and I are the only ones that didn't got our face painted. I talked to him and played with him for a bit until they announced that it was time to go outside for a tour of the cruise. As we were out there already. I noticed that the pirate guy was gone! And plus I don't remember him following us. When we got back I was drawing a picture with the boy. Then my mom came to pick me and my cousin up. As I walked out I saw the pirate guy he was just staring at me making no movement. He wasn't even smiling either. I told the lady if she knew about him but....she dosent recall. So I told my mom to never take me there again and she said ok. I still still think about till this day even though I'm 14! And I should have moved on because it was when I was 6 in 2006! Anways next time never go to kids club ever!!!!!l
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• 1/15/2015

Spoiler Alert!

Theres this user on Instagram named littlemissonam and they always get the new stuff before they get realse! I know this cuz, they buy them off of amazon! Their cheating! They are spoild! I wish someone could ban them of Instagram!! So what do you think?
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• 12/29/2014

FNAF2 crossover

Harmony as toy Freddy
Marina as toy Bonnie
Candle as toy Chica
Charlotte as the mangle
Squirt as ballon boy
Winter as the puppet
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• 12/28/2014

7 reasons why I hate liv and maddie

Why I hate liv and maddie
1.Liv and maddie aren't even close!
2.liv is so dumb and annoying and she always screws up in every single darn episode!
3. Liv always gets maddie in trouble
4. Liv doesn't even care about maddie I mean seriously she moved to Los Angeles away from her sister.
5. Joey is super weird and a bit of a nerd.
6. Parker is so rude and thinks he's cool
7.the parents don't care about liv I mean why would a parent let their daughter move to Los angles!
And that is why I hate liv and maddie! P.S no offense but I just hate it!
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• 12/27/2014

Who's you're favorite FNAF character?

Mine is Bonnie, cuz he's purple(my fav color) and he's a bunny(I like bunnys but cats are my all time favorite).
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• 10/19/2014

Lalaloopsy five nights at Freddy's crossover

So I've been thinking that to this for a while.
Teddy as Freddy
May as Chica
Cotton as Bonnie
Peggy as Foxy
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• 9/21/2014


Also cartoon network will be responsible for showing the toy-themed content, like mlp and lps
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• 9/20/2014

New special

This is the aftermath of the anime and here is some things stated
1: Pillow died in the series
2: Aliens arrive in lalaloopsy land to try and live peacefully
3: Bridgette is competing with her rival for a job '
Gabi can help me with the rest of the ideas
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• 5/14/2014

If it'll take the war away...

I wrote my first creepypasta here: Silent Child
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• 5/3/2014

Let's go on the bk wik?

Because this wiki needs more edits and pages sew yeah lets go!-LLV
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• 3/29/2014


This wiki will receive a update. Message Walls will be turned to talk pages, Edit Schedules will be made, and a LNMNK break room will be made. What it is for, you ask? Well, the break room is when we are on a break from editing. It can only be used when chat is really sucky. On there, you can talk about things that are unrelated to the wiki's topic.
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• 3/20/2014

Any ideas for crossovers on the newhart middle school wiki?

I am 100% sure I'm the only person on the newhart wiki, so here's the plan we need more users on the wiki. Sew yeah! And on the wiki you can make any pages that you want. So recommend you going on any wikis and tell them to help out on the newhart wiki bea cause right now we have poor quality. Love your favorite you-tuber lalaloopsylandvideos!<}
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• 3/16/2014


iif anyone wants to cme on my bored then you better sign and break any of the rules your kicked out
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• 3/16/2014


Why is every user avoiding me is it that wrong to not avoid??? Scraps is being a jerk she says she isn't but she acts like she got better stuff to do. Everyone else on the wiki is silent! So sure I don't need answers I have my own board!
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• 2/14/2014


Its about when Dotty gets abducted by aliens its not that good though
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• 1/18/2014

Lalaloopsy X Frozen

Peppy  as Anna why because they both redheads andhave freckles and are happy
Ivory as Elsa why because they both ice. element DUH
Winter as Olaf why cuz they both snowmen
Patch as Kristoff why they both blonde
Forest as Hans why there's no one else
rReindeer as Sven why they both reindeer
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• 1/13/2014

Theme Song Idea?

This is a anime we need a kawaii theme song help!
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