Attack of the Aliens
Season 2, Episode 8
Vital statistics
Air date January 2015
Written by GTessari5829
Directed by Everyone else
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Ice is Nice A Very Boring Day


After Haley pays a visit to Lalaloopsy Land, Dot tries to prove that her ancestors exist/Bridgette is determined to win a contest.


The plot starts off with Bridgette at school, so YoNang was playing a little game. The other dolls built a tall tower of wooden blocks with a plastic tiara on top of it. YoNang was climbing the tower to get the tiara.

YoNang: I'm so gonna get that crown! Everyone will be so jealous that I'll be the champion of Tower Queen!

YoNang is almost to the top.

YoNang: Almost…there…

Suddenly, YoNang slips on a loose block

YoNang: Whoa!

YoNang falls from the tower, while the tower begins to collapse

YoNang: Waaaaaah!

Nurse White comes along, when she sees the tower collapse and YoNang fall to the ground.

YoNang: Oof!

Nurse White: Oh my! Good thing your head is made of plastic!

YoNang: Sheesh! If those knuckleheads built the tower more sturdier, I shouldn't have fallen and would be able to reach the crown!

Suddenly, Dot runs over to them.

Dot: YoNang! Nurse White! Come here! There's something strange going on!

Nurse White: Not as strange as how a doll can fall in love with a FICTIONAL ROBOT?!

YoNang: Come on! Look at his hair, just take ONE LOOK AT HIS HAIR AND TELL ME -

Dot: Now is not the time, guys!