Lalaloopsy dyna might by glitterati24-d78uymn

Dyanna Might (ダイナマイトかもしれません, Dainamaito Kamo Shiremasen), better known as Dyna, is a protagonist in the Lalaloopsy: Nuu Majikaru, Nuu Kawaii series. Her first appearance was in the episode, "Episode 6: Hero Squad"


Dyna is the greatest hero Lalaloopsy Land has ever known. She is a fearless action star who loves wearing disguises, running at super speed and saving the day with her pink-powered goggles!

She also has a knack for directing movies, along with Peanut.


She made her appearances in Hero Squad, Dyna Might Not, Big Family Picnic, and Dyna-mic Blitz, but she returns in the 2016 special, "Dyna Might Saves Lalaloopsy Land".



Her sister, Tiny, and her pet, Raccoon, are a super-family!


Her superhero sidekicks are Jewel (Sparkling Jewel), Peanut(The Pranker), Bea(Smarty Pants), Spot(Art Girl), Ace(Fix-it dude), Rosy(Safety Kid), Ember (Fire Girl), Dot (Shooting Star) and Candle (Birthday Girl).


In the beginning of "Dyna Might Saves Lalaloopsy Land", she is suspected to hate Ace and have a crush on Forest. However, Forest goes crazy, and accidentally joins forces with Boss, she is forced to work with Ace. Dyna opens her true feelings to Ace in the climax of the special.