Jewel Sparkles is a fair skinned girl with pale pink cheeks, black eyes and a small mole (beauty mark) below her left eye. Her hair is pastel pink and worn up, split into two sections with a magenta tiara in the middle of her head.

Jewel wears a pink dress with magenta sleeves and segment on the skirt, a yellow-green belt, two black buttons on her chest, and white polka-dots on the skirt with the lowest layer having see-through lime green material going around the lining. She also wears white socks and pink Mary Jane shoes with magenta bows at the toe.


"Perfectly Perfect!"

"Follow my Lead!"

"My Tiara Case! My Trinket Table!"

"The Aquamarine is mine! It's rare!"

"What makes you say that?"


"That's royally good."

"Well, I AM in charge of every party or special event in Lalaloopsy Land!"

"It's time for the Lalaloopsy Friendship Parade!"

"Excuse me?"

Voice ActorEdit

Kate Higgins

Likes and DislikesEdit

Likes:Playing dress-up Dislikes: Being ignored, rainy days.


March 13th

Allies and EnemiesEdit


Little Bah Peep

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