WELCOME ONE, WELCOME ALL, TO THE LMNK BREAKROOM! Feel free to relax and enjoy yourself! Have a cup of coffee, and sit down in the cushiony red velvet rocking chair!

This is a mix of the forum and chat!


Follow these rules, or you'll be forbidden to coming to the Breakroom.

  • Have fun!
  • No bullying, insulting, putting down and making fun of other users, whether in common discussion, or in roleplay.
  • Feel free to add any off topic stuff!
  • This is only to be used when chat is acting up
  • If someone decides to post a fanart, do not rudely criticize it.
  • Roleplay,fanfictions,common discussions, and just about anything is allowed on here!
  • No talking about innapropriate content
  • No spamming
  • Why are you still reading the rules?!?

Chat room :DEdit

(The chatroom opens as a fairy flies across the screen, like in the end of "Pillow Runs Away")