This is a anime children's show directed at infants, toddlers,kids,preteens, and families.Because it is 4 to 104, The directors want to make sure that is is safe. While there is humorous moments and there will often be characters putting down other characters (Ex: Hilary to Bridgette), and there will be some punching, the series does teach lessons to children.

Sexual Content: Some of the characters have crushes, but it is lighthearted, because the characters are kids. The show does not display pornography or nudity.

Violence: Some peril

Language: Some characters use "butt" or "what the heck?". Sometimes it is upgraded to "stupid" and "idiot"

Social: Hilary and her servants, Margarita, Kate, Elizabeth,Ashley, and Chi-Len are constantly seen bullying, insulting, teasing, and putting down Bridgette and Victoria, calling them names such as "Stinkette" and "Pooptoria", and thus, leaving them out of activites (Ex: parties, games, etc). 

Acohol and smoking: there a scene in "Romance Drama" Where velvet and toffee were singing about a love song and they said that there baby is drinking Acohol.