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Welcome to the Lalaloopsy: Nuu Majikaru, Nuu Kawaii Wiki!

A Lalaloopsy Japanese anime starring the Lalaloopsy ragdolls that turn into humans while their owner is gone. In the fictional Lalaloopsy Land, the Lalaloopsies have silly adventures, but each one has a different point of view, which causes friction and bullying on the rise. Meanwhile, a young girl named Bridgette Anderson and her friends, Victoria Roberts, Molly Smith, Nate Franklin, John Simmons, and Andrew Santiago have equally fun adventures while facing one enemy...............

Hilary Vandemeer.

Join the magic, adventure, misery, drama and friendship with the ragdolls we all know and love: Lalaloopsy. Anyone who loves anime, manga and Japan can come on. Just follow the rules or you are expelled.

Starting from episode 4, YoNang will be in episodes.

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No bullying.

No cussing.

No criticizing how someone draws, because we can't all draw well.

No spamming.

No bossing people around.

No being mean in roleplay.

No blaming people for stuff they didn't do.

No being a snobbish edit police.

No calling someone a snob or a brat, just because you're not popular.

No getting away with stuff.

No innaproriate content like s*x and stuff like that.

A person with bad grammar, that gets mad at every little thing, is dramatic and is very, very annoying is certainly not allowed.

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