Rosebud longstem in the lalaloopsy girls movie by londonthegoat-d86o3de
Stitched lalaloopsy rosebud longstem by londonthegoat-d8d9t8e

Personality Edit

Rosebud Longstem is the best gardener in Lalaloopsy Land when it comes to growing roses. She likes to look pretty. She'll always take a minute to check her hair and make sure she smells like a rose.

She often gets mad when her hair is messed up. She puts on makeup when Bridgette is in school. Her secret crush is Ace Fender Bender, because she thinks his freckles are what makes him cute. She speaks with a snobbish American valley girl accent.

Episode appearance Edit

She hasn't made an appearance in any of the Lalaloopsy anime episodes yet. Her first appearance will be in '5 Gardeners and a Seed' coming in Season 2.



She is often mean to her pet.


She used to be a member of Blossom's posse' along with Mari, Happy, and Bluebell, but she was so pushy that she got kicked out. She now hangs around Jewel. She is also a member of the Best Friend Group.


She likes Ace, but he doesn't really return the feelings to her.


  • She hates Mittens Fluff N' Stuff. Whenever she talks to her, she just rolls her eyes.