Sweet n Sour Diner
Season 1, Episode 2
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Air date January 2014
Written by GabiAprilHaleyandScraps9
Directed by Everyone else
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Meet the Lalaloopsy Girls! All Your Fault


Crumbs, Pepper, Pickles, and Berry start a diner and overcome the biggest order; Bridgette finds cupcakes at the cafeteria.


Bridgette is in her room, setting up a play kitchen for her Lalaloopsies.

Bridgette: Breakfast!

Then she scrambles to the school bus

Jewel: the coast is clear!

Crumbs: (full mouth) Berry, your pancakes are sooooooooooooooo good!

Pickles: What about MY Pickle Burgers?! >:( I thought that was pretty good too!

Pepper: Best in Lalaloopsy Land, Pickles!

Crumbs: Watashi wa tometo taikutsu shite imasu. Nani o subeki ka?

Berry: Panko wa, wareware wa matsu hitsuyo ga arimasu

  • Meanwhile...

Bridgette: The lunch ladies are selling Spaghetti and Meatballs, and homemade French CUPCAKES! :D *does kawaii dance because she loves cupcakes*

Hilary: Oh, please! >:/

  • Hilary then storms off with her clique
  • Elsewhere, at Lalaloopsy Land...

Pickles: We should start a DINER!

Pepper: We  will call it.... *holds up lemon for sour and cupcake for sweet* SWEET N SOUR DINER!

Crumbs: Good Idea!

Berry: Look! Customers!

  • Berry points to Jewel and the original 8

Jewel: We would like the combo meal, please.

Peanut, Spot, Bea, Mittens,Pillow,Dot: Yes!

Pickles: (under breath) The. Combo. Meal.

Berry: Whats the Matter, Pikurusu?

Pickles: Nothing, its just that the Combo meal is a lot of work..

Crumbs: We'll help you!

Pepper: Yeah!

  • So, the girls started making pancakes, cheese soup, pickle burgers, and Strawberry-Sugar Cookies for the combo meal

Dot: We're waiting!

Berry: Here's your combo meal, girls!

  • Jewel starts to pick up her fork and slowly takes a bite of the pancakes...

Jewel: I love it! Dig in, everyone!

  • Then the girls start munching on the food

Pickles: Our diner is sucessful! *high-fives Berry,Pepper and Crumbs*

Bridgette: What has gone on here?




  • Pickles and Crumbs' Japanese names are Panko (Crumbs) and Pikurusu (Pickles)
  • Here, Bridgette buys school lunch, but in Toss Your Cookies, she says the school lunch is gross. However, the school lunch could have been changed to something that Bridgette doesn't like in Toss Your Cookies.