The Great Poodle Caper
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Season 1, Episode 5
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Air date January 2014
Written by GabiAprilHaleyandScraps9
Directed by Everyone else
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Toss Your Cookies Hero Squad


Boss kidnaps Suzette's poodle; The gang makes missing dog posters.


Bridgette: I have flyers for a missing dog, we're making more at school.

Then Bridgette left the scene

In Lalaloopsy Land, Suzette was boasting to the other kids

Suzette: And I have the FANCIEST pastries, and the SWEETEST sister, and the ROYALEST garden, and let's not forget the most LOYAL royal pet, Poodle!

But Poodle wasn't there

Suzette: Poodle! Poodle, where are you!?

YoNang: Um, Poodle is gone.


Rosy: Are you okay?


Jewel: Poodle!

Peanut: Oh Poodle!

Mittens: Here, Poodle!

Bea, Spot and Dot: POODLE!

Pickles, Pepper and Berry: POODLE!

Just so you know, everyone was calling for Poodle

At Bridgette's school

Nate: Missing...Dog... *types*

Victoria: Psst… Bridgette! What dog is it again?

Bridgette: Cockapoo!

Victoria: ok

At Hilary's computer, she was acting dumb, this is what she wrote:

Mizzing dug

Dere iz a mizzin dug. Itz a cokpo. Plez fin it



Hilary: Mine is PERFECT!

Bridgette: And she calls herself popular, sheesh!

Back in Lalaloopsy land

Spot: Did anybody else see Bridgette's flyers? Maybe we can set up flyers so someone will find Poodle!

Suzette: Great idea, Supotto!

So Spot and Suzette made flyers

Pickles: Great work, Shuzetto and Supotto! Now we just have to hang these up!

After that, The original 8, plus YoNang, Rosy, Suzette, Pickles, Berry and Pepper set out to find Poodle

Suzette: I need a cookie, I'm so tired and hungry!

Crumbs: Ok, I have one in my pack. *gives Suzette a cookie*

Suzette: Thanks.

Dot: Are you sure we're on the right trail?

Pillow: My boss will be mad at me if I don't come back!

Bea: Um... *checks map* we're lost!

Boss: You kids aren't supposed to be out here!

Suzette: We're looking for my Poodle, Stinkyhead! >:-P

Boss: Fine, Here's your dumb Poodle, I stole it, it was mine. And I would've got away if it weren't for you meddling kids!

Suzetts: I'm so glad to see you! 

Bridgette: What has gone on here?



  • First appearance: Suzette La Sweet
  • Boss makes a reference to Scooby Doo, when he calls the dolls meddling kids.