Unicorn who was the first born with a horn,

Looked forlorn when he lost his acorn.

He was eating corn bread for breakfast,

When he lost his acorn.

I could’ve sworn I saw my acorn,

He mumbled that morn’.

Pegasus said to Unicorn,

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about losing your acorn.

Unicorn was born arrogant, however,

And ignored her.

He put on his worn horseshoes,

His coat adorned with dried mud,

And his torn hat,

To look for his acorn.

He came across a corn field,

But there was still no acorn.

That’s silly, Unicorn. An acorn and corn are completely different.

Wise Dragon said to Unicorn.

Unicorn was born cocky, however,

And told Wise Dragon,

An acorn and corn are completely the same.

He walked off, looking for his acorn.

He came across T-Rex with a corn on his foot,

But it wasn’t an acorn.

This corn and acorn are different, Unicorn. My corn hurts and an acorn doesn’t.

T-Rex told Unicorn.

Unicorn was born with no guilt, however,

And trampled into the grass, looking for his acorn.

After a day with no success, he returned home, when he saw his acorn, buried under the corn bread crumbs.

Unicorn ate his acorn, and was happy.

However, he remembered his arrogance, cockiness and no guilt,

And went to apologize with sackfuls of acorns for everyone.