Sometimes called Corrupt a Wish.


Make a wish, and the next poster grants it, but with a terrible price. Then that next poster makes a wish.

Example Wish:

Me: I wish I had a box of colored pencils.

Random dude: Granted, but all the pencils are gray.

I wish our pet fish could talk.

NO DEATH as a result of the wish. It's been used in too many versions and isn't creative.

Use your signature when corrupting a wish. Sign your post with four ~s.

Try to make the price related to the topic, plus funny.



I wish I could jump onto walls. M, Rosetta's Dress Mess sounds like a good book, nah, All about Starsweet sounds better, since I'm a noobie to Starsweet, maybe Cake Decorations is better, OH, I just don't know what book to read. Help guys? (talk) 01:13, February 17, 2014 (UTC)