Victoria Roberts is a reliable and very wise member of Bridgette's circle of friends. 
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Victoria is very wise and whenever Bridgette or one of her other friends has a problem, they always come to her. Sometimes, Victoria can act before she thinks, but she has a good heart. She is often the voice of reason whenever the gang is arguing.  She hasnt been nice to Hilary and never will be. Her biggest pet peeve is whenever Bridgette panics too much as shown in the movie. She is very interested in personalities, and always studies the human brain and takes quizzes on the Internet whenever she has time.


She first appeared in Toss Your Cookies. She now appears in every episode with Bridgette and company.



Any mention of the Roberts family hasn't been showed in the series yet.


Her friends include Bridgette, Molly, Nate, John, Andrew, Rick, Suki, Big Bob, and Wendy. In a upcoming episode, Bridgette was sick with the flu, so she took the role as the leader of the gang, showing her reliability even more, and showing her kindness, as she let Rick join the group, Often times, she will go toe-to-toe with Andrew.


She is in love with John. She feels nervous whenever Bridgette and the gang do a group activity, because John is in the group. The two gradually become a pairing, but John falls in love with Suki and Victoria is left with Rick, as Big Bob and Wendy became a couple. Any mention of their love life has not been heard of after that incident, but they remain friends


  • She loves reading comic books
  • She calculates that the world will end soon, so she tries to make the best of everyday life.